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You’ve probably heard that many house fires are caused due to an electrical problem, but what does that mean? All too often, electrical fires are caused by arcing—which is when current flows in an unintended path. Arc fault breakers detect when a problem is occurring and shut off power to the circuit. 

Electrical code in Texas requires arc fault breakers for most living areas of the house, and Aaron’s Electrical Services can install or replace them to protect your home.

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Why Are Arc Fault Breakers Required?

The National Electrical Code, which is the minimal standard in Texas, is written by the National Fire Protection Association. Arc faults are a leading cause of house fires, so arc fault circuit interrupter protection can truly save your property and your life.

Arc faults can be caused by frayed wires, pinched wires, loose connections, or messy wiring behind your walls. Since 1999, arc fault protection has been required by the NEC in bedrooms. Since 2008, new or renovated homes have required arc fault protection in other “habitable areas” like the living room and dining room.

Replacing Circuit Breakers with Arc Fault Breakers

An arc fault breaker replaces the standard circuit breaker in your service panel. By adding AFCI protection at the breaker, you’re covered or every single outlet and switch on that circuit. It’s easier and less expensive to add an arc fault breaker than to replace all the outlets on the line.

If you’re building a new home or doing any kind of renovation that affects the wiring (such as adding a new circuit or replacing the panel), then you’re required to upgrade. Of course, you should also switch to arc fault breakers for your Houston home just for safety’s sake.

Arc Fault Breaker Installation & Service in the Houston Area

Replacing a circuit breaker requires electrical knowledge and safety tools. For your protection, and to ensure you get your breaker panel up to code, ask a licensed electrician to add your arc fault breakers.

Aaron’s Electrical Services can change your breakers quickly and inexpensively. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our work!

If you have an arc fault breaker that constantly trips for no reason (called “nuisance tripping”), we can take a look and repair or replace them to save you the headache.

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We can take care of any rewiring or electrical panel upgrades you need. Aaron’s Electrical Services has licensed Houston electricians to add your required AFCI protection and make sure your electrical system is safe and worry-free.

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